Project H.O.M.E. Provides Shelter for Homeless High School Students | WCBD

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) — Homeless students at R.B. Stall High School in North Charleston may soon have a roof over their head thanks to a new project in the works.

Project H.O.M.E. stands for “Helping Others Mirror Excellence.” is an initiative by R.B. Stall High School principal Kim Wilson, to provide a home to displaced high school students within walking distance to school.

Project organizers say they are seeking a live-in police officer to provide supervision. According to the organization’s website, research shows a large drop out rate among homeless students. Project H.O.M.E. seeks to assist students through graduation, and help them break out of the cycle of homelessness.

The project was inspired by an organization called “Joe’s Place” in Maplewood, Missouri, which provides a safe and supervised environment for temporary and long-term displaced students.

Source: Project H.O.M.E. provides shelter for homeless high school students

About Project Home Foundation

Project Home Foundation exists to provide structured and nurturing home environments for displaced male students ages 17 to 21 and facilitate their success in learning and life. Mickey’s House – the first result of this initiative, exists to provide a safe home for male students.

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