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NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — A newly-built house will now be a home to students who don’t have one. Mickey’s House is almost ready for move-in. It’s part of Project H.O.M.E. (Helping Others Mirror Excellence), which helped the house where 4 homeless Stall High School boys will live.

It all began with former Stall High School Principal Kim Wilson. He wanted to give homes to his students that needed one. Last year, there were 17 homeless students at Stall High School.

Mickey’s House broke ground in May 2017. The four-bedroom home has enough space to fit the boys and their supervisors, the Careys. David and Lisa Carey have been doing this for years.

“Through our life, about 20 years back, we have invited young people into our home and took care of them and helped them grow in success,” said David Carey. The couple has one biological son together.

Now, the couple will call Mickey’s House home. After the school year starts, a mix of 4 juniors and seniors will be placed in the home.

“This place will be a place for them to come and to live life,” said David.“Our hope is to model what home is supposed to be,” he said.

“They learn the aspects of integrity. They learn how to trust. They learn how to be productive in everything they do,” said Lisa. Angela Henderson who chairs Project HOME hopes everyone who lives in this house will take something out of it to pass on.

“The goal is to be able to help, but also that they can find significance in adding value to the lives of other people as well,” said Henderson. When the school year finishes, the junior boys have the opportunity to live in the house for another year. The senior boys who graduate will move on.

Source: Home for North Charleston homeless students close to complete

About Project Home Foundation

Project Home Foundation exists to provide structured and nurturing home environments for displaced male students ages 17 to 21 and facilitate their success in learning and life. Mickey’s House – the first result of this initiative, exists to provide a safe home for male students.

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