Mickey’s House

A photo of Mickey's House
A photo of Mickey’s House

Mickey’s House is Project Home Foundation’s first initiative in the fight against youth homelessness in Charleston County. Named for Mary ‘Mickey’ Welch – a Presidential Donor of the Foundation, Mickey’s House is a two-story, five-bedroom home that provides a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment for displaced students, with live-in house parents.

The Foundation provides ongoing emotional and educational support for resident students to facilitate high school graduation and break the cycle of homelessness in students’ lives.

  • These are children, young adults, that need to have someone tell them “I care about you”, “I want you to have an opportunity to succeed”, and this is that example. It’s not just talk, but action!

    Keith Summey
    Mayor, City of North Charleston

Goals & Expected Outcomes

The following are the goals and expected outcomes of participating students:

  1. A decrease in (high school) drop-out rates 
  2. Overall improvement in academic grades (GPA)
  3. An increased level of school attendance
  4. A higher percentage of students pursuing higher education

House Parents

Applicants are rigorously vetted to ensure they meet criteria in support of the stated goals and expected outcomes of Mickey’s House. House Parents then take up (full-time) residence in the house to provide supervision, support, and a nurturing environment for the boys while they are part of the program.

Learn more about the House Parents at Mickey’s House, or apply to serve as house parents.

Cost of Operating

Project Home Foundation is a non-profit organization funded solely by beneficent partners and the generous individual donations we receive. 

The cost of operating Mickey’s House runs around $50,000 per year and includes household products, groceries, clothing, utilities, transportation, travel, and insurance. View our wish list of household items.