Meet the 2017 – 2019 House Parents!

Hello to all our Project H.O.M.E. Family and Friends!

 We are happy to share that we have selected our wonderful house parents- David and Lisa Carey. They have served as youth pastors for over 20 years at our local community church, North Palm, as well as senior pastors in Mississippi.  Having one grown son of their own, they have raised many sons and daughters over the years of their ministry.  David is a “jack of all trades” from house construction to IT technician. 

Lisa has a business degree and currently works at MUSC.  She home schooled her son and has aided many youth in their college prep.  Needless to say, the Careys are ready to assist these young men with their dreams of the future.  Having already made a personal investment in a family mini-van to haul their new family around, David and Lisa, with beautiful hearts, are looking forward to working with the young men that will be residing at “Mickey’s House”- Stall’s Warrior Home.  

Our closing date is scheduled for August 15.  This is 2 days before the school year begins.  Eastwood builders have worked very hard and expeditiously to make this happen!  The plan is to have the students selected and in the home by August 28.  Our open house is scheduled for Sept. 7.  This will give the parents and students time to settle in and bond.

Be watching the local evening news on August 7!  We will have a special news interview by Channel 2 and Channel 4.  The new house parents will be introduced during this time.

Thank you again for all your love and support.  Together we are transforming lives. Together we are doing great things!

About Project Home Foundation

Project Home Foundation exists to provide structured and nurturing home environments for displaced male students ages 17 to 21 and facilitate their success in learning and life. Mickey’s House – the first result of this initiative, exists to provide a safe home for male students.

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